The power of winning competitive strategies for better business understanding and learning

Providing students with real-life business experience for better learning, Globus Strategy Game is a web-based virtual business simulation that enhances overall business understanding and marketing strategies. It also provides a holistic strategic simulation and competitive analysis that helps in long-term planning and execution. Participants manage a virtual company while competing in a global marketplace. All participants start with equal sales volume, global market share, revenue and profit, and during the game have to provide reports on competitive intelligence and company operations. Any decision taken is spread across different functions impacting sales, revenue, profit, EPS, ROE, etc.

Participants focus on enhancing market share while strategically crafting competitive strategies for over ten years. The instructor has the flexibility to make the game dynamic by modifying settings related to cost, exchange impact, sensitivity to demand factors, etc.

Beneficial to students pursuing General Management courses, strategy courses, preparing for placements, as well as a team-building and leadership exercise.

The game inculcates strategic thinking, thereby understanding power play within and between the organization. The competitive nature of a strategy simulation arouses positive energy and steps up the whole tempo of the course.

Benefits to the Institute

  • Enhances the quality of education with the best products available in the world to teach various subjects.
  • The automated nature of the game reduces the time the instructors spend on course preparation, course administration, and grading.
  • Increases student motivation and provides a better platform for more active classroom discussions and participation.
  • Provides real-time industry experience to students and prepares them for placements.
  • It allows the teachers to test their students by giving them a real-time industry to manage and execute their learning in the classroom.

Benefits to Students

  • Provides a hands-on learning experience for students
  • Offers a risk-free platform for implementing and testing ideas
  • Allows participants to develop a long-term perspective
  • Engages students on a more emotional level and creates excitement due to the competitive nature of the game. There is active engagement that ensures participants absorb course content while being energized and learning in a fun manner.

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